A downloadable game for Windows

A fast-paced action arcade game where you control a helicopter and fight against a terrorist organisation, accomplishing different mission objectives such as destroying enemy armor, buildings, bridges, helicopters, rescuing hostages, destroying escaping convoys and even preventing a nuclear catastrophe!

Every time you're promoted in rank you'll be granted a special permanent upgrade for your helicopter. Do you have what it takes to reach the highest rank?


  • 17 missions of increasing difficulty
  • A varied arsenal, with a vulcan rapid-firing cannon, dumbfire rockets, guided hellfire bombs (using TADS system) and flares (to divert incoming enemy homing missiles). All weapons can be upgraded
  • A wide range of mission objectives
  • Rank-based system (if you do things right, you get points and can be promoted; if you mess up - e.g. destroy civilian targets - you lose points and may even be demoted!)
  • Ability to land back at base to refit your helicopter in the middle of a mission (resupplying costs points - if you're quick, accurate and agile, you'll save points which add to your rank-o-meter!)
  • Weapon and system upgrades with each rank promotion
  • 2 sets of unlockable content (beat game/reach highest rank to unlock each!)

Ratings and comments are welcome!

Install instructions

You just have to download one of the two files provided and play!

The first file ('Combat Chopper.exe') will run the game in fullscreen mode adapting your screen to a 800x600 resolution. The second file ('Combat Chopper_windowed.exe') will run the game in a window, without changing your screen resolution. It can be switched to fullscreen by hitting F4, though, but pixels will most likely look distorted in a hi-res monitor.

It is advisable that you put the game file in an independent folder, since once you run the executable it will create three text files with game info.


Combat Chopper.exe 42 MB
Combat Chopper_windowed.exe 42 MB


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Auto quit when I destoryed a tank :(

Sorry to hear that. It happened to me when I tested it on a Windows 10 computer and I had no idea what the problem was. Never happened on Windows 7 or other PCs I tried it on, though. Well, thanks for playing I guess (or at least trying to do so...)