Meltdown v1.1 is out!

An update for Meltown is now available, with some new features, bug fixes and more. Although not a massive overhaul, it's granted to improve gameplay experience with respect to the previous version.


* Made the game slightly easier (changed some unfair enemy placement, reduced damage taken 
by player, increased health given by aid kits, etc);

* Now killing enemies awards coins (which can be used to save the game progress);

* Made some improvements to the graphical interface and presentation (weapon indicator,
spruced up the briefing cutscene backdrop, changed weapon effects, etc)

* We now have a somewhat verbose, slightly humorous main character!

* Added some missing features (cutscenes, scripted events...)

* Added a cheat code! (Must beat the game to get it!)

* Several bug fixes.

* Some other minor tweaks I don't even remember myself anymore.


Meltdown_FINAL in 640x480.exe 10 MB
Jan 02, 2019
Meltdown_FINAL_windowed.exe 10 MB
Jan 02, 2019

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