A downloadable game for Windows

An action platformer where you must enter a secret underground facility where dark experiments are being carried out and capture the evil mastermind Dr. Hinderson.

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Install instructions

You just have to download one of the files and play!

The first file ('Meltdown_FINAL in 640x480.exe') runs the game in fullscreen mode, adapting your screen resolution to 640x480. It normally looks far better than the other one.

The second file ('Meltdown_FINAL_windowed.exe') runs the game in windowed mode, without changing your screen resolution. However, you can switch to fullscreen by pressing F4, although pixels are most likely to look distorted in hi-res monitors.


Meltdown_FINAL in 640x480.exe 10 MB
Meltdown_FINAL_windowed.exe 10 MB

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